memories are good so they say
your the best thing that crossed my way
but never in my life have i felt this pain
so much pain that i have to take
i stare at your picture for so long
feelings come up that are so strong
deep in my heart theres something wrong
"kelsey!" it cries singing its song
it cries all day
it cries all night
it never has given up this fight!
in my mind i want to quit
but i cant ignore my hearts fits
i try to block out as much as i can
trying to forget us with a beer in hand
trying to find an alternative
but my heart screams "kelsey" that i cannot give
without you i find that i cant live
i dont want my life to end up like this
if ever i have you back with me i would give you everything
because i never want to feel this pain again
my mind suffers from my hearts demand
wherever i go
whatever i do
it wont stop crying for you
whoever i kissed
whenever i did
"kelsey" it yells its you i miss
wanting to see you tomorrow
it gives out emotions of pain and sorrow
emotions now that i cant control
only you can mend them all
memories now fuel the fire
of my hearts only desire
"kelsey!" it yells again and again
a battle which i cannot win
and as i cry tear by tear
my only wish is for you here
because if you were id hold you close
making sure to never let you go
and from this poem every word is true
about these feelings i have for you
because i love you more than you know
i wouldnt trade you for this world