Acid Eyeliner

Acid Eyeliner (blood and tears)

She slides open the drawer. She closes the door and pulls a brush through her hair. She doesn't even care. She's something she's not. She doesn't understand, she wants the attention. She only pretends to feel the suspention of being lonely. She's never cryed of be outcasted.

She grabs the tube that glows. How she got it nobody really knows. She runs it across the lining of her eyes. She begins to bleed, and begins to cry. Her eyes they turn pitch black, and her skin begins crack. All she can feel is the blood and tears. She feels the pain of others from all of these years! Oh Acid Eyeliner!!!

She fall to the floor. She begs and pleads.....and asks for more! She crawls into a sense of boredom and begins to feen for pain. Not a thought through her head for she's gone insane. Willing to smash anything in her way. She makes her way to the bathroom. Into a sense of gloom!

She drops the tube in her purse, and rushes out the door in a burst. She runs into school blood still in her eyes. The ones who "ignore her" look in surprise. She screams and runs through the hall. She runs in the bathroom and past all the stalls.

She falls to her knees. Begging god please not to let it stop. The blood rushes from slits on her arms. She act as if it cause her no harm. She's dead. The blood rushes from her head. Days later it's all gone. But not for long. under the sink is a tube of "EYELINER" It looks so much finer. She grabs it and puts it in her purse. Unaware that's why posers in a herse.