You Can Fight With Me

You find the spot in my mind
And tear out its insides
My anger has made me blind
To your repulsive disguise

Your illusions won’t last for long
Your tricks won’t get past me
This is where I belong
You can fight with me

I’ll knock down your defences
And destroy everything you’ve got
I’ll burn down all your fences
Around your big damn lot

This is not the end
I’ve still got some more
You’ll make me break and bend
To see what I have in store

You think I am no threat
That I won’t break through
Wanna make a bet?
I don’t think you do

Underneath that mask
You’re a scared little boy
Are you up for the task?
I won’t be your little toy

Here’s your last chance
Take a lucky shot
I won’t take a second glance
When I give you all I’ve got

You can be angry all you like
I’ll just stand and smile
You’re all bark and no bite
I go the extra mile