Shade of Gray (Unfinished)

Her mind has been filled
With demented thoughts of hate.
She can't disobey and make mistakes
Because they say it'll be too late.

An opinion of her own
Hasn't been thought in more than a day.
They were filled in an area of her mind
Set in a shade of gray.

Those memories of slight freedom
Make her blink and softly smile.
It dissipates when she remembers
That freedoms been away for a while.

In a sudden stir of events
The memories flood back at the same time.
A person in the area notices
And frowns as if she's committed a crime.

She wants to escape
But doesn't know how.
All she knows is
The time must be right now.

She's trying with all her strength
To escape the hellish place.
But every time she gets close
Her mind is flooded with a disturbing face.

His lips move slowly
But she doesn't hear a sound.
She assumes it's just a random thought
And shouldn't be taken so profound.

Unfortunately, this is her first mistake
And they already known.
The image can't be demolished.
Instead it begins to grow.

She trembles in fear
As she falls in the dirt.
Now she can feel everything
And everything starts to hurt.