Running on Empty

I’m running on empty
Made hollow inside by sin
made dead inside by sin.
My words are all gone;
whipped away by the wicked winds of shame.
I can’t look you in the face
I can’t speak your name.
You made me what I am,
and I know I’ll never be the same again.
I should have listened
I could have listened.
But swayed by the doubts of self denial
I wrapped myself in a chocking blanket of lies,
and cried with empty eyes
and died whispering empty lies
as I fell before your feet.
My heart is slowing -
my breath running still
When what’s this?
Your bending down…
giving me your hand.
Undeserved forgiveness burns me like a flame
Turns out all
I wanted was your love
only needed your mercy
to fill me up again.