Black Comedy

Raise your glass to stark and lonely Lunacy,
raise it up high till it goes over their heads,
speak in a language all your own,
waste no wisdom on those whose only wish is to ignore.

I paint a picture of a Clown,
a grin so wide and proud you begin to count hise teeth,
he holds Balloons,
They are crazed for freedom,
they whip in the wind, and strain their bright colors against the glaring sun.

I raise my glass to the moment when you know the difference-
between holding the Balloons and being them.
The greatest worry in life is that of which we most passionately deny:
The Self.

There comes a day when we know why the Great Clown smiles,
and whether you see him with the help of Suns or Moons,
I genuinely wish you a clear mind.

On that day I am afraid we learn who we are,
learn to accept the Denied.
Whether you are the Clown or the Balloons is of no concequence to me.
Raise your glass to Comedy.