A flash, that’s how it started
A glimpse of mousy-brown hair
A reflection of a figure
To be spotted everywhere

Soon enough the image got bolder
And began to resemble a man
A man who was constantly shirtless
And clad simply in black, leather pants
His ribs were just barely protruding
And his figure was long and slim
His face constantly expressed curiosity
But his glowing eyes showed something grim

One day the man lost his patience
He lost his self control
His lustful nature consumed his mind
And he made his presence known
Sinister and aggressive
He attacked the innocent boy
The child screamed and wailed
Until his invisible attacker was air

Even after his vicious attack
The man didn’t disappear
In fact he lingered more
To see the boy with soft, dark hair
The child’s eyes consumed his mind
And he simply couldn’t resist
Asmodeus came forth
With irresistible charm
Promising to keep the child safe

A month or so was all it took
For the demon to have his way
The boy’s head was full of pretty things
His body yearning for more

The demon asked a favour
Something the boy quickly fulfilled
And soon enough the boy was owned
Asmodeus’ pet until the end