My Escape

Hidden like a face behind a mask.
Only a former of my true self,
A way to try and forget my past.

A ghost in a shell of lies
From my fate is which I hide.

It"s almost like I'm on a shelf,
An example for the whole world to see.
I just need to get away,
Need to find a place where I can stay.

This place I yearn for will be my safe haven,
A place where I know my world won't cave in.
To leave all the things I won't miss,
I must find an escape from all of this.
♠ ♠ ♠
Hey guys!! So, I had to write this poem for my English 10H class a couple of weeks ago. It had to include allusions from the novel Lord of The Flies, which at the time we had been reading. My teacher surprisngly gave me a 100 (something she almost never does :P) I figured I'd post it on here. Tell me what y'all think :)