Please Stay Forever With Me.

So can I say I love you?
Can all these feelings be true?
Can these nightmares be wished away?
Can this blissful feeling forever stay?
From the caress of your lips,
To the lightest touch of finger tips,
For every night you hold me tight,
For every time you whisper "It'll be alright."
For every gentle word spoken,
For your care for the broken,
For your your loving embrace,
To the beautiful smile on your face,
You are the only one I hold so dear,
And losing you is my biggest fear,
For I cannot vision a life of us apart,
I trust no one else with my heart,
I've fallen so deeply in love with you,
These wonderful feelings only grew,
For my love, you are everything to me,
You are the beautiful angel who set me free,
So my beloved, please never leave me alone,
I'm not strong enough to survive on my own,
So my love hold me tightly, and never let go,
Promise me this love will continue to grow,
Stay with me and help me face my fears,
Comfort me and wipe away my tears,
Let's chase our haunting pasts away,
And give each other reason to live and stay,
My reason to live is to make you smile,
So let's forget everyone else for awhile.
My angel you make everything okay,
And I truly wish I had the words to say,
I love you more than you could ever know,
And I will never regret this love we chose,
For this is how I want things to always be,
My angel, please stay forever with me...
♠ ♠ ♠
Connor I love you so much <3