The Game

Why is it that people find pleasure in
the pain of other living beings?
Why is it that humans find joy in
the misery and sufferings of others.

The same goes for love.
No matter who breaks it off,
the two will always forever
be connected with one another.

From the time they first meet,
whether they noticed each other
or not. That moment is the beginning,
the beginning of something unexpected.

They will one day start to talk to one
another and grow closer.
They’ll continue getting closer and closer.
Until one of them gets hurt.

The old saying, “It’s all fun and games.
Until someone gets hurt”. It is not just
a mere saying but it is truth.
We all love the thrills of life.

That is, until somebody or rather
ourselves get hurt or in some cases
burned. We all love having fun but that’s
one reason for why we fall for love easily.

Yet, its also the reason why we hate.
In our fun and games something
always goes wrong towards the end.
Then the game doesn’t seem like so much fun.

We feel regret and sadness but mostly guilt.
For we were the ones who started this whole
game. Though we try to deny, we are responsible.
Since we too, took part in the game.