Early To Bed, Early To Rise.

Early to bed, 
Early to rise,
Makes you healthy, wealthy, and wise. 

Swim in the lake, 
Get sand in your eyes. 
Walk on the right,
Not the left side. 

Don't listen to loud music,
You'll hurt your ears. 
Keep your feet off the table,
Do not smash mirrors. 

Don't eat too many sweets,
You'll only get sick. 
Don't do naughty things,
Like sucking your dad's dick. 

Don't piss on pedestrians,
That's just plain rude. 
Don't swear like sailors,
Don't draw on new shoes. 

Don't bring weapons to school,
Now that's just common sense. 
If you do, might as well bring Mary Jane,
Share with your friends. 

Smoke it in the teachers lounge,
While no one's in eyeshot. 
Share a joint with that creepy janitor, Alex, he's cool. 
Just don't suck his cock. 

You'll get nasty throat STDs.. Off topic. 
When your friend's on the phone with mom,
Don't yell, "pass the weed!"

Don't wear black on Valentines Day,
No reason for this. 
Okay, change of rules,
You can pee on pedestrians,
Just clean up THEIR piss. 

You're probably confused,
Thinking, "what the shit?"

Wait, you didn't think..
That they wouldn't return fire?
You pissed on them first,
Revenge is required. 

It only makes sense,
Unless vengeance they lack. 
Then they're just pussies,
And no, not the cat. 

I'm talking about the pubic region,
Don't we all fancy that?

You probably thought this poem,
Had SOME sentimental value..
Hmm, yeah.. No. 
I'm just bored as hell dude.  
Well, anyways,
Still got that kush on you??