The Other Side

A mind.
My brain.
It's falling apart.
Kill me now, and save me from the empty void.
It scares me so much.

My heart.
My thoughts.
All falling apart.
Don't let me fall into this black hole
Against love.

So afraid not to feel.
Wanting so badly to feel.
Please lock my soul inside
Else it run away
Taking my sanity with it.

Beauty isn't real.
Love isn't real.
Goodness is a show
Put on for a character in the "greatest story ever told."
And sanity is a figment of your imagination.

When your mind is lost,
Something is gained.
It fills the void there,
Making the balance tip over
The darker side coming out.
But is it just perception?

My heart and mind are falling apart.
Sanity isn't real,
But everyone is a little afraid of the unknown.
The other side.