It Happened Under Fluorescent Lights

We were standing under fluorescent lights-
the time I wanted to cry-
when the Mother hushed her Child who so loudly cried.
And it was under fluorescent lights that my heart swelled-
as the Mother told her Child she was loved-
and I wondered why the child cried-
but most of all I wondered why I didn't-
and why not enough mothers treat their child that way.
So I looked at my Mother who stood beside me-
and I remembered the times when she hushed me-
with cool gentle voice that soothed-
that phantom terror within me-
and I wondered why not enough mothers sooth-
that phantom terror within their children-
and I wondered if my Mother had been soothed-
the way she so carefully did.
And under fluorescent lights I stood-
when the Child's cried reduced to a whimper-
the way the ocean that roars-
reduces to a calm sea.
And standing there so firmly planted I smiled-
I smiled to myself because I was loved-
and I smiled to myself because I saw that moment-
when a child felt safe again-
and I wondered how many moments-
the world could see-
if we opened our eyd
es, and closed our mouths.
And I wondered why I couldn't follow that moment-
to see it unfold into a memory-
to crease into an image-
to epitomize something beautiful.
And I wanted to see what moments could stem-
from this one-
just as a butterfly's wing brings storms-
to the other side of the planet.
And I wonder what that Child's breath-
has done to my lungs.
And I wonder what that Child's tears-
have done to my heart.
And I ache to comprehend-
that she never saw me-
because I won't soon forget-
her tiny head that cowered-
benieth her Mothers chin.
And it pains me to know-
that I don't exist...
♠ ♠ ♠
This is about a recent trip to Wal*Mart... See you never know if someone is going to write a poem about you!