Your Life Is a Lie

The smile on my face is as
Fake as the laugh in your throat.
I can't take all the names that
Slip out of your mouth as
You joke about me and
I cry but I laugh.

And I can't stand the way
That you hate hate the world
Like a girl loves a boy
Like a word from my mouth.
And I can't stand the way how
You stomp on my toes
Without knowing it hurts.

And I hate that I thought
You were my new safe and sound,
Only to learn that you live up to just what
They say.
How your life is a cushion and
You get everything you want
And when things don't go right
You kill everyone with
Your words and your looks.

So the smile on my face never reaches
My eyes,
And the blush on my cheeks is only
A burn,
And the tears of my laughter are tears of
My pain.