I Wish I Love You

I wish I could say it
But I can't
I wish I could feel it 
But I don't 

I wish I did love you 
I really wish I do 
To make you happy 
Just as you make me happy too

I wish it was different 
I wish it was love at first sight 
But it's not 
It's just not there

I don't feel it
Not yet 
I don't love you
Not quite

But I do like you 
And you make me happy
For now
But in the future 
If I don't love you 
Then I have to let you go

Even if I don't want too 
I'm selfish like that
I'm an ungrateful bitch  

Fuck it.
Why don't I love you!
Why the fuck not?
You're not perfect 
That's perfect for me

I wish I could boy
I wish I did love you
I wish for everything 
I feel heartless and cold 

Damn it .
♠ ♠ ♠
This is happening and I don't know what to do.