Identity Crisis

It is a curious thing,
where man places his identity.
Some are The Man With The Hybrid Car-
or The Man On The Hill-
there is The Man Who Has Watched-
Every Football Game Since His Birth-
and The Man Who Plays Catch With His Son-
The Man Who Left His Son Behind
(of course that is a secret identity)

Some men are more honest than others,
they say
''I am The Man Who Doesn't Know Who I Am
-Or What I Am
-Or How I Am''
(but of course every man boils down to guilt)

And some men admit
''I am The Man In The Ugly New House
-On The Ugly New Street
-With The Ugly New People''

Some men come forth crying to dispell their secret
''I am not a man, just a boy!''
But it was never a secret,
we are all children.

Children on our deathbeds.