The Division

It doesn't begin with the signature on a paper,
or even the decision to separate,
it begins with a division.
A diverse split in agreements
that results in conflicts and arguments
and rages on until
there is no peace left
no common ground,
no still waters,
only unrest.

It's when your house becomes like England;
no matter what happens,
everyone takes on the 'stiff upper lip'
and despite the shouts,
the broken plates
and tears,
we carry on
and face every day
like it's simply another,
just ignore
the flood.

It's when the floor underneath you becomes
as thin as ice.
And every move every word could cost you,
because it'll hit you like a flash flood
- drive a ten foot wall of water into your home
and continue to crash and thunder,
until it's dragged, drained and washed away
all evidence of happiness
all traces of hope
all love.

And that's when it'll finally stop.
The water's will finally clear away
only to expose your scars and hurts
of miss-trust and betrayal.
It'll leave you divided