Black Veil Brides poem

They have created the NEW RELIGION that all of us the FALLEN ANGELS call to bringing with us our BEAUTIFUL REMAINS, KNIVES AND PENS, and they’re SWEET BLASHEMYS. May GOD BLESS YOU is what we’re greeted with as we enter the gates of hell. But then it all turns around as HEAVANS CALLING for us with our SAVIOR. We watch from above with THE MORTICANS DAUGHTER and CAROLYN as THE WORLD GETS SET ON FIRE when the others learn that LOVE ISN’T ALWAYS FAIR and from above we sing THE REBEL LOVE SONG. We couldn’t DIE FOR YOU seeming as were already dead on the inside from YOUTH AND WHISKEY. The LEGACY of the SAVIOR will go on in the RITUALS that we perform with our PERFECT WEAPON. WE STITCH THESE WOUNDS still after they reopen from ALL YOUR HATE but we will still NEVER GIVE IN and the CHILDREN WILL NOT SURRENDER because we are the Black Veil Bride Army and we will live on in our deaths as well.