Parents Fight, That's Just Life...

Don't worry babe, it's gonna' be alright
Don't fuss babe, it's gonna be stable tonight
Don't cry babe, it's gonna' be okay
Don't scream babe, the pain will go away
The screaming will stop soon, so will the tears
It will all go away, and that's the end of your fears
They won't leave us, I promise, they love us really
I promise babe, I promise dearly.
Shush, wipe those tears, enough crying
No babe, no one is dying
This is it now, end of the fight
Mummy says sorry
Daddy holds her tight
Look babe, they're kissing now
They do love each other, they just forget how
No more fighting, no more pain
For now anyways, it'll most likely happen again
That's just what parents do babe....
♠ ♠ ♠
This was made rough, what you think? <3