Final Goodbye

To you, my brother
or rather;
my secret lover.
I’m writing this.

Pain has wrapped its tight little arms around me.
Pain has brought me to this decision

I am done
Sick and tired.

I feel like no one cares

Lover, Lover
You treated me well.
I hate to leave you,
I cannot dwell

I hold the gun;
it’s loaded
I’m shaking;
tilting it up.

It’s time to go;
I cannot stay

This pain is too much
You know me well;
this life isn’t fair.

As I pull the trigger;
looking up;
You’re there.

You’re telling me not to go.
It’s too late;

I love you.
My brother
My secret lover.

My lips are trembling
My hands;

This is;
my final goodbye.