For All We Are

You always said you wanted to leave,
But tell me where would you go?
I always said I wanted to leave,
But sometimes there is too much to know.

They would only ever seek us out,
Tearing the masks off of our disguise.
They’d watch, they’d wait, they’d hold their breath,
Counting the seconds until our demise.

Hold your tongue and carry on,
This may be all we have.

We’re just trying to find our way in this world,
Falling through the empty night.
Nothing lives above and nothing lies below;
There’s just too far left to go.
Can’t you hear my screaming?

If you look down you’ll fall into the deep.
My dreams are restless and I cannot sleep.
The time bomb is counting the moments away,
The world only ever tries to lead us astray.
This is our heaven this is our hell,
Sometimes only you can save me from myself.
We always said we would guide each other through;
If I don’t come out then what will you do?

Hold me down and walk on by,
This may be all we have.

We’re just trying to find a place in this world,
Keeping secrets from traitors and longing for truth.
All entwining tales of a never-ending story,
We’re stuck in an unending purgatory.
Can you hear my calling?

Don’t look down
Don’t turn away
Don’t ever close your eyes.
They’ll seize you
They’ll hold you
They’ll feed on your fear.

Hold me
Run with me
Stay with me through this dark.
Light the candle
Brace the night
Show them that we can make it out of here alive.