Wishful Thinking.

It doesn't mean too much on the outside,
Not until you roll up your sleeves,
They laugh, you stay blank,
It will NEVER mean a thing.

They don't have the guts to look in your eyes,
They don't have the guts to look deep.
Deep is the truth. Shallow is a lie.
Shallow are the people around you,
The wide laughing mouths and wild bright eyes.

It's worse in the mirror,
Each word in the mirror,
On the tip of your tongue,
You know it word for word.

One day the dress will suit you,
One day the smile won't be a lie,
One day you'll answer the question truthfully,
One day you won't want to die.
♠ ♠ ♠
(Just so you know I sort of guessed at the rating because it has abstract mentions of self harm, bullying and suicide, so it should be right but I'm not good with ratings. Also guessed at the type of poem since it's just messed up uneven verses.)