God, I know
That you say that a girl loving another girl is wrong.
But you have to understand.

My little sister Annie.
She’s only sixteen.
She’s been faithful to you
Since day she was born.

Annie told me just today;
“Alex, God made me this way”
I want to tell her that it’s wrong
But she’s my baby sister,
I can’t, that’s just wrong.

God, tonight was prom.
Annie went with Haylee.
She’s not ashamed.
So why can’t I accept it.

God, tonight I held my sister
As she cried.
Haylee just left her, no reason why.
I hate to see her hurt.

Annie told me she can’t take it anymore.
The bullying is getting to be too much.
I don’t want to lose her.
God, Annie’s only sixteen.

Tonight, I found Annie on her bed.
It was apparent she had put a bullet through her head.
She would have been seventeen.
In just ten days.

Today they buried my sister.
Annie, I love you.
I didn’t want to loose you.
You deserved to love who you wanted,
And I couldn’t accept that.

Annie, now I know.
God made you this way.