she sits on the floor
razor in hand.
she says she's okay,
but she can't even stand.
she's scared she's alone,
blood's pouring out fast.
she makes a decision,
her life can not last.
she wrapped up her wrists
put on her black dress.
she was pale as the dead,
her eyes were lifeless.
she climbed out her window
and walked down the road.
not sure where she's going
in this zombie-like mode.
whispering to herself,
"i'm bleeding i'm dying."
not sure it's the truth
but she knows she's not lying.
passes her sister's house,
where she's going she didn't know.
pain pulsed from her wrists to her heart
suddenly she knew where to go.
"i'm being followed" she whispers.
"no, there's no one there"
what did she expect?
no one REALLY cares.
walking along the bridge,
tears falling, they won't stop.
looking over the edge.
at the fatal drop.
"who would it really hurt
if i didn't survive tonight?
seriously, i know this..
they'll all be alright."
with this final thought,
ignoring her siblings pleas,
she threw herself over the edge,
they fell to their knees.
no one could stop her,
voices blocked them all out.
no one could save her,
she held no doubt
she was scared and alone
in her zombie state.
so she became another statistic
in the suicide rate
♠ ♠ ♠
actually based on a dream i had...