Altered Reality

"Open the past and present and the future too" held different meaning
No longer a lyric but mere reality
I question it and receive nothing
Altered reality

I'm surrounded on this locomotion
Warm, fog, a familiar tune playing out in my head
I'd call it Dejavu
This very instant a speck of time
Altered reality

I realize and I contemplate
The foreword motion of the clock
No longer a child, no longer home
I am the unknown and therefore feared
Altered reality

Nothing left but to hold on to the pole
We swing to the rhythm of the driver
Millions of thoughts swarm around my body
And I am a vacant vessel with no direction
Altered reality

Being in two places at once and none at all
The lines blur between yesterday and tomorrow
But if nothing changes, who's to say?
Am I the one in this altered reality?