Above and Below

I'm feeling so insecure,
without you two here.
This place is falling apart,
along with my simple heart.
There's not much I can do,
so I just stare out into the blue.
Every day becomes longer,
but I suddenly feel stronger.
You're watching over me,
I know you can see,
the pain I am in.
Everything we've been
is still inside.
You have never lied,
but I've still cried.
I almost have nothing now,
and I don't know how
I can continue.
But now there's two new
who are by my side.
They keep up my pride,
after you two have died.
My love will never decay,
they now make me stay
on this godforsaken earth
by bringing back my mirth.
There's two above and two below,
that continue me to glow.
There's nothing else I could ask for,
I constantly thank the lord.