What Silliness

What a silly game,
To pull away from the world.
To avoid walking through flame,
When that is the risk to behold.

What a silly person,
To believe you are alone.
To think no one loves you,
When there is more than you ever know.

What a silly excuse,
To confine your world to your room,
To sit there alone,
When everyone else is always home.

What a silly reason,
To never speak to anyone,
To not notice,
When they are sitting and waiting for you.

What a sad life.
To live alone,
To make yourself a victim,
When everyone wants you to know…

They love you
♠ ♠ ♠
last summer i went to sleep over at a friend's house. she complained for four hours that night, made her life seem absolutely terrible... while in turn she had shut herself up in her room for most of that year, begun fighting and believing her life was unfair. because this irritated me so much, i haven't seen her but once afterward.

i consider her one of my good friends, but at the same time i'm thinking she needs to realize her life is excellent in comparison to others. i'm thankful she is not a cutter, but i think she needs to understand that she's only making herself a victim. it all came to me today, so i wrote it out some. an anti-emo poem! w00t w00t!