This Is Where I'm From

I am from the kitchen, smells of food filling the air, from Mr. Clean and Kitchen Aid. I am from the tiny blue house in the culdesac with tons of neighborhood kids playing loudly in the street. I'm from the big rose bush over flowing with flowers, the tall apple trees with blossoms forming in middle spring. I'm from the bustling Christmas day with presents surrounding the tree and the smell of cinnamon filling the air, and the temper that causes so much trouble. From my mother, who works so hard to give me better than she had, and from my father, who I get my temper from. I'm from the arguers, fighting over everything, and the close family who are always there for each other, from 'Do what you dream of', and 'Live for today'. From, 'You really must be saved from your sins.', to 'You need church.'. From Europe, the multiple countries, and from the Cherokees, who battled many things in their life, and from Virginia, one of the states that started it all. From potato salad on a hot summer day, to steamy, hot vegetable soup on a cold winter day. From the man who fell off the steps on a bike as a child, to the woman who wore pajamas to school for picture day. I am from the plastic bins in the sewing room, ready to be put into scrapbooks, to remember forever.