I sit there and wait for you on my bed.
But why, when I know you’re fucked in the head.
You say you care, but I know it’s fake.
Why don’t you just tear me up for goodness sake.
You say you loved me like you did.
But you know in your heart you’re only a fucking kid.
You have taken advantage of me forever and ever.
I have figured out, we weren’t meant to be together.
The things you said to my face.
Mean nothing at the end of the race.
Its over, falling into big piles of shit.
I tried, I really did, every fucking bit.
My feelings for you will now change.
Because I will never ever think of you the same.
All you were doing with me.
Was playing a small childish game.
Its time to get over yourself and realise what’s right.
Because you’ll be the one alone at the end of the night.
It wont be hard to find someone new.
Because I know I can do a whole lot better than you.

By Sarah