If I have friends,
then why do I feel alone?
They love hanging out together,
but me? I'm at home.

They invite me to go with them,
still they make little effort,
they don't understand me,
so I just accept it.

I thought I had a best friend,
but can I call her that?
though when asked it's what I tell them,
but I guess it's just an act.

We have so much in common,
well, at least I thought we did,
but that was the old me,
my real personality was hid.

Now my days are filled with words,
on the internet and books,
hers are with her boyfriend,
and the way she looks.

She doesn't understand me,
much lesser than my family,
they say I'm too distant,
but don't they know I'm happy?

She's goes to parties,
drinks and dances to hip hop,
I stay at home with my laptop,
listening to rock.

Friends for 13 years,
Our friendship has last,
Nursery days to high school,
the years have gone fast.

I admit I have changed,
a lot since last year,
but so has she,
so it's only fair?

I'm going to be honest,
more than I already have here,
if we ever lose our 'close' friendship,
I'll hold years of memories dear.
♠ ♠ ♠
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