If Loving You is a Sin...

If Loving You Is A Sin…

On a day that could be described as broken I left the love of my life.
In a place that I call my own, I live.
In a month that I call Hell I cry about what I have lost.
And how you mean the most to me.
You understood me so I loved you.
But because of loving you I sin in the foulest of ways.
And because you love me you will burn too.
I long for you to be in my arms again.
But I don’t want to condemn you.
I hate that so many disapprove of our love.
They hate us for it.
But I will come back to you.
Because I love you.
And you love me.
I don’t care if the world hates me because I love you.
As long as I’m with you.
I will be okay.
Because I love you.