sean really was an a$$hole

i was only
at the time.

i was young,
not yet wild,
but on the verge.

i wore my hair long
and tangled
and smelled of moroccan

we got naked
under the piss stained
they reeked of cat piss
but we could care less
as i slid out of my shirt.

you kissed down my belly
trailing hot saliva.
it felt good.
you ventured further and i grabbed you,

"i've never..."
i began, but you stopped me
with your soft chuckle.
your breath was warm against my skin
but cool where you had
kissed me.

"sean really was an asshole."
you said
and you smiled
warm and slow.

i'd never felt anything
so wonderful
in my entire life.
♠ ♠ ♠
sean was my ex-boyfriend who never really satisfied me sexually, if you catch my drift.