Cliche Little Love Songs

Those silly clichés say,
That love was supposed to always feel the same way.

You say love is like fluttering butterflies.
I say it’s a punch to the gut that makes you cry.

You say break-ups are heartbreaking.
I say they’re life-saving.

You say a broken heart can never be mended,
That you’ll stand there waiting until life has ended.
I say I’ll leave if you make me wait.
I have better things to do than watch for you by the gate.

When did love songs have to be pure lies?
No love is just notebooks filled with names and speaking permeated with sighs.

Love is crying one’s self to sleep.
Love is wondering what you did wrong.
Love isn’t in a stupid song.

Love notes are filled with vulgarities.
Flirtation is nothing but profanities.
Public affection is revolting,
Because in the end none of it is upholding.

You say love songs fill you with hope,
I say they are nothing more than to help others cope.

Love notes are thrown away,
Flirtation won’t hold sway,
Public affection is pushed back at bay,
And now I’ll say,

Love songs are just too damn cliché.