Then and now.

My hatred for you grew each day.
You took this life for granted.
You go against my advice
Not only was i putting myself down to your level, i was letting you win.
You fucked up this time.
Your bitterness has finally got me in a ball of rage, your winning.
I watched you go from a sweet guy to a selfish prick.
I've lost.

To you having girls fall for you all the time and want you in their pants is all you needed.
To you that was love.
You think your king shit.
To you i was nothing but a rebound, a 9-5 friend.
It's all about you, all the time.
You could care less about those who actually love you, because you treat them like shit anyway.

You've started a war that you cannot fight.
You try to back your way out.
You try to apologize for the things you've said and done, but its too late.
They leave you, by yourself all alone.
To your thoughts, you rights and wrongs.

You cry, you break down because you realize everyone has given up.
You try to win those hearts of whom loved you. but its too late.
i now watch you from behind the crowd, fighting for love and acceptance.
But the crowd they don't want to cave, they don't you apart of anything they do.
I watch you attempting to take your life, but something stops you.
Your heart says no but your head says yes.

You drop that knife, you drop that "King shit act".
You turn your life around. You start fresh.
Now, those girls, those people you thought were friends, mean nothing.
You turn from that selfish prick, to the quiet kind, the polite but shy. Secretive.
They say they see right through your "act"
Now they are becoming like you once were, popularity sucks in another victim, another innocent soul. Only to be spat out, after it gets to their head.

You call me your friend, your only friend.
I call you mine.
Our hatred, it's gone within a flash.
Our judgments we keep to ourselves.
Our problems we share with each other.
Our thoughts we express through words.
You feelings for me, you say I'm like that best-friend you never had.
My feelings for you though, i keep hidden.

We become best-friends.
But i want something more, this was all i wanted.
I watch as girls walk in and out of your life, you let your guard down.
They find your weakness, they bring you down.
I pick up the pieces, the best i know how.
But now? You tell me now?
You wanted more right from the start?
You needed more? Why? Why now?

You kiss my lips, You hold my heart.
I am your world. You are mine.
You are mine...
You love me like no one else could or would.
You tell you will love me forever, that you will live forever
Caught up in the moment.
I lose you, forever.

I begin to hate the world, those around me.
I give up, it all means nothing.
Your light, its gone.
I try but not hard enough.
They tell me let you go, let you rest.
I do, but never will i forget you.
I will forever love you.
♠ ♠ ♠
So this is my first Poem :S
Hope you like it !