Make You Believe

I swear to break all my promises.
I swear to lie and deceive.
I'll consistently crack a fake smile
Just to make you believe.

My promises are ready to be broken.
Listen to the knots crack and break.
I don't care if it's too hard for you.
Don't care if it's too much to take.

You accepted my proposition
By enthusiastically taking my hand.
You fell right into my trap
Just as I had planned.

You're the biggest fool
This side of town.
I laugh menacingly
As your smile turns down.

Everyday I'll break my promise
And you'll keep believing.
I hope that one day you'll go
But I just don't see you leaving.

I look unashamed on the outside
But inside I'm broken and I know
That I'll finally die altogether
The very second that you decide to go.