With pure, innocent eyes,
No one knows you speak a million lies.
Your hair is perfect, not a flaw,
But depression has caught you with a deadly claw.
Death comes, it cannot wait,
It sits out in the night, as if it were fate.
Death waits, hearing you cry,
You beg, wishing to die.
Death smirks and moves for the kill,
You press the knife to your flesh, a horrid thrill.
You whisper and beg, "Please, let it end."
But Death only smirks; it's just about to begin.
Blood seeps from your wounds, unimaginable pain,
Your tears fall faster than the pouring rain.
Death grabs you with a cold hand,
"You've reached the end of your lifespan."
You take a shuddering breath,
As your eyes gleam over, you can't help but whisper, "Hello, Death."