Things I Shouldn't Stay Awake For

Veil of nonsense? 
Veil of fear? 
Don't judge me for hiding
Whenever you come near
If I was a fighter
You wouldn't see so many flaws
You might only catch a crack
Not a whole shattered wall

There is never any logic
In a question not meant for thought
The mind only goes so deep
And sometimes it's not enough
Because seeking answers
In the one who holds the most
May pull up unwanted reasons
And long forgotten ghosts

And time can pull back
Strip away every regret 
Until the soul is raw
Until the heart forgets 
Exaggerated feelings
And emotions left unchecked
Pieces that were broken
Letters left unsent 

Where is all this going
Every word I wish I said
Where are we headed 
After all 
In the end
Where is the logic 
That's been buried all this time
What has really been accomplished
With every keyword I've dared to rhyme