If Love is a Disease, You Must be the Carrier

You pressed your lips
To my fevered head
Like frost to a flame 
You whispered I'm here
I could feel your breath
On the edge of my skin
Like an apology 
Patiently waiting to be forgiven 

Never finding a cure
I've searched and I've searched
The moments you left
The memories still burn
 I really am trying to fix
This problem you caused 
Because if love is a disease
Then you were the carrier

I honestly tried to move on
But you know that I can't 
My fingers you held
Have left scars on my hands
And the symptoms are showing 
With every tear I shed
If I let this go untreated
Its gonna kill me in the end

You left me without a cure
Made me search and search and search
The moment you broke my heart
Is the moment I began
To try and fix 
This problem that you've caused
You could have prevented
Didn't have to lead me on
If love is a disease
There is no doubt 
That you are a carrier
And I'm infected beyond hope

So why can't you just go 
Leave me alone
I don't need you now
Winter's chill may put this flame out
So take your black heart and go
And don't think you know my heart
You'll never know...

You pressed your lips 
To mine
You said I'm sorry but I can't 
Help you this time
I meant all along 
To give you this love not
To hurt you at all
But isn't that just the way 
This sickness came out
But it's up to you now
One last touch
And move on