Escape is only Half Way to Freedom

It is only fair to tell you
What I guess you've known all along
I will send you in a message 
A blank cd full of songs
Track one won't be a love song
That's not how we began
Track two will still be innocent
Just us friends being friends

By the middle of the album 
You'll begin to hear a change
The melodies become softer
The words speak of love and things
It not about passion
Not yet about the pain 
These songs are caught in the moment
Everything that first love should be

If you hit track 16
Listen to it twice
It's how I felt
When you kissed me that night
It was everything I had dreamed of
Underneath the stars and city lights
It was everything I was promised
When I prayed for you to be mine
It was worth waiting for
You were worth waiting for all this time

You may start to wonder
Why the hell the music takes a twist
Maybe if you remember breaking my heart
You'll see what these songs represent
The chords become darker 
The words hateful and sad
Then I end it rather bitterly
 With "Miserable at Best"