Subtlety is a Death Sentence

Yes I know you heard me
Lost in translation
Lost in truth
If it was logic you were wanting 
Then go look somewhere else
I'd really hate to lose you
But after everything you've said
It's easy to see between the lines
And understand what was unread

We skirt around the issue
Chose a topic
I chose you
Aren't I so funny
Because it's not my head I use
Pulling at the stitches 
From where you once cut
If you haven't already noticed
I'm speaking with my heart

Just stab me one more time
It only hurts a little 
When you don't say it straight 
When you are painstakingly subtle 
Applying theory after law
After formula after word
Things that hint at what I'm wanting 
Wanting only to be heard

You're killing us both
Strangling me with regret
But when I wonder if it was me
I suddenly don't forget
It was you who gave me clues
Who made me hope like mad
In the end it simply won't matter
Unlike the roar in which you came
I will throw on my old jacket 
And quietly walk away