What am I Fighting for if it Ain't You?

Sweet girls aren't fighters
Good girls don't attack
But when my heart starts wanting
I start punching back
Just keep in mind
the more you draw this out
the longer I'll battle
the more attached I'll become

You make me breathless
but no oxygen isn't new
It just makes me scared 
the way I feel about you
I shouldn't miss you this much
Shouldn't miss you at all
Shouldn't dream of your face
Should have thought this through
Before I fought it out

I can't stop myself from
 Wearing these scars
That I've collected from fights
That I've worn on my heart
I can't openly bleed
But you're smart 
You aren't blind you see
I can run for a while
But sooner or later
you'll pull me back
Make me face...me

That day will come 
When I must stop the fight
When I'll back down
But that day is not this night
And maybe that day
I'll get to throw the first punch
Knock you out cold 
Make you realize you are the one...