I'm at a Crossroads (Dead End)

There are two roads 
Did you read the title?
Do I have to tell you what a crossroads is?
Can I assume you already know
I don't know the right path
To my left and to my right
One is dark
One is light
They both call to me wanting
But they don't know my heart

The lighter path
With it's boy who waits
Unaware and smiling
Wishing he had the nerve to say
The words that would win me
The words that would steal me away
I can see his tall frame 
Against the backdrop of the sun
His heart would be good
But I know it wouldn't be enough

The darker path I can barley see
The boy who continuously 
Walks away from me
I need him more with 
Every step he takes
And even though he knows
I know he is right for me
And you leave these clues 
Are they for me to see
With every analogy of yours I'm reading
Confusing me even more
I discover there's something thrilling 
About not quite knowing
Who you've just fallen for

The boy in the sun 
He is always there 
A shoulder for me to lean on
He laughs so easily
His every move is with care
I wish I could make myself love him
The way I know I should
But I can't force the feelings 
It would be wrong to live a lie
I could do that to him
But I can't allow myself 
to hurt him this time

You should take your own advice
My dear in the dark
Always thinking you know what's best 
Just as you close the door
Everyday I look into your eyes
And wonder what would happen 
If I took your path
Would you let me walk with you
Taking my hand
A kiss on the head
Or would I find myself rejected
Left alone on this hopeless dead end

I make my own decisions 
But right now I turn to you
One of my lovely choices
Have you seen the truth? 
I left you a message 
In a metaphor I've been trying to convey
But if you must know 
I love you is so hard to say
So please come back to me
Retrace your own path
Send your black heart to me
And I promise you 
I will never leave you in a dead end