The Highway and The Void

Lips barely parted
With words lingering
On the tip of a tongue.
Far too ready to let trust be my only downfall,
And my mistakes are too many and too broad to let themselves be forgotten.

In a wonderland
I remain captive,
Or company for a thousand souls.

I'll play pretend,
Thinking I am your counterfeit Christ.
Lead me along this winding road,
Fashioned from still-beating hearts.

Stepping with great caution,
And their whispers are not too hushed to hear.
How many times have you walked along this road and back?
How many hands have you led along this road?

No seed of doubt, not yet,
For the concept is masked by your Gaussian blur.

Our sweet boulevard reaches its conclusion,
Tears form,
And they are blacker than the abyss that you have carved out of the ground.
The notion is clearer;
I can see that this trail was not fashioned for feet to walk along but to line the cavity you created.
Oh, and how they fit together so perfectly.
It would be almost beautiful if this weren't my end,
Fitting together like pieces of a puzzle,
The highway and the void.

Extended hand,
Tear out my heart.
With lips barely parted
You kiss me,
And the words lingering on the tip of a tongue remain unspoken, yet
I can taste the letters, the syllables, the intonations, the inflections, the emotions.

Pull away,
Beating heart in hand.
Walk away but the beating grows louder, stronger.
The highway has unravelled beneath me,
Leaving me to descend into your abyss.
Your words of goodbye echo in the darkness and in my head.

"I loved you once."