I take another peek
Can't help but look at those words
Damn you Facebook
For reopening these wounds
It says you're in a relationship
Well so am I 
Just not with you
And I think it hurts more now
More now than it ever should

I guess since it's official
There is nothing left to say
You wont need my late night emails
Or the love I selflessly gave
There is an empty feeling
As I try to fall asleep
I know I'll dream of you 
Without you once thinking of me

You message me at midnight
I ignore you and try to think of him
My phone says it's you
I sigh and give in
Picking up I hear you say
I'm second guessing 
Can you tell me why
I wanted her
But I can't get you off my mind

I remind you through my tears
It was you who let me go
You could of had me
But you said it would never work
There is someone else now
And yes, I still dream of you
But look at reality
I made a beautiful mess 
Out of the damages you caused

I look again at the post
Damn you Facebook 
And all the emotions you unearthed
I think I'll log off for the night
Until I can straighten myself out
If I could make a status
Explaining everything inside I would

Because I can let you go
You and these damages you've caused...