Running from Mirrors

I'm sure you'll feel excited to know the news
To know that you are the reason that I hate mirrors
The reason I hate my pictures
The reason I dodge video cameras
The reason I hate myself

You are the reason I hate myself
Not the media
Not punks from school

You don't love me.
You used to, but not anymore.
Now I'm just a bundle of mistakes to be fixed.

Your words bite worse than any set of teeth
They thrash about in my head till I can't take it
The pain, the angst, the anger, the resentment.
I can't tell who has more; you or me.

Your words echo in my head

They burn white hot
Seared into my mind

I try to mask my hurt and frustration
That is the only thing that will please you
Your good little solider sucking it up
This pain won't stay hidden forever
But maybe just long enough.