The Finishing touch

I see her
Like the suns beams
As the springs Easters colours
Her soft face smoother than a flowers single petal
Shimmer in the moonlit starry night
Curly hair bouncing every move
I love her
Her beautiful smile embraces me
Makes me smile as I lean against the doorway
She makes the best fried chicken legs
Her homemade food, every night with father on her left
At the table
Family table
Laughing, eating, harmony
Spending quality time with my brothers and sister
Perfect food, perfect family, perfect everything
Especially her
Not just the food she makes
But the others things
Like her love
Like her happiness
She fixes my boo boos and big owies
Fixes everything
Even broken hearts that fall upon me
She’s very good at fixing the biggest of problems
My dads even good too

Years pass
And everything’s still the same as it was
Like yeas before I knew what family even meant
Before the other kids came
Everyone’s still happy as can be with each other
But non of it can be true
My family is not a family
Sure I have a mom and a dad and
The siblings too
And sure the word “love” is said so, so
And a kiss is given every here and there
But not enough
My family is split in different ways
I have three mother figures
and only one father

My dad and step mom
They love me just as much as my mom
But more

Sibling rivalry every day for the past eight years
No father figure for the first year
My last ten years
Folded my heart into a paper football bouncing around
Chipping corners of me
As tragedy goes on forever
Till the breaking moment in my life trails off
Into oblivion
Outreached into nothing

Once you realize where your life goes
Its funny when finding out where u are
The beginning of your own life
Will come to end
Now and forever we just live only to die
Whether the family we have
Or not
Our lives will end up in two places
The greatness of recantation of life
Or hell

Things can get tough in your everyday life
Not just the families we have but more
The choices we make
Makes you choose your own fate without asking
It’s your choice to be good
Or bad
Just don’t be surprised at the finishing results

If I could
No matter what happens
I will always love my mother the same
Forever beautiful
With shimmering bright green eyes
Bouncy red hair
And the perfect smile
Though Im not
Nor my family, she holds us together

I can’t wait till death comes
I wonder where ill end up
But ill treasure mine and my mothers relationship forever

By Rylie A.M. Pugh