Points that Make Hearts Cringe

I've asked you before
Not to say this to me
But you think that it fits
Think it's what your point needs
If we were talking 
Would you look me in the eyes
Repeat that same word
Repeat every lie

Reflections off the mirrors
Those angry words 
They come again
Attacking my defenses 
Leaving scars across my hands
And I know that they aren't meant
To hurt me in this way
But I bet you don't realize
What you say is...
What you say

My turn now
To hurt you too
But I can't bring myself to say it
Because I know it's just not true
I can't bring the words to my lips
That will change a heart of stone
So I will play your game instead
I will leave I love you behind
I will mutter it alone

Fuck you and your smile 
The one that made me fall again
Fuck you and your life 
Here's to only being friends
Fuck you and your logic
May you never find peace
Fuck you and your heart...

Im sorry 
I cant do this...
I shouldn't have said those things
I'm sorry 
Please forgive me...
I still need you here
Your cruel words and all
I still need you here with me
♠ ♠ ♠
Sorry for the excessive swearing, but this poem is about someone I really wanted to say that to but never had the heart to.