Close the Chapter, Burn the Book

Let me remind you of one rule
Sometimes you're wrong
Well sometimes I'm wrong too
And you never know when 
Or where it will be
So be always be careful
With your intentions and illusions
Interpretations and facts
And when you get the chance to hit it
Go ahead and strike the glass

Break it down 
Reorganize what you know 
Forget the logic 
It only hurts when we get close
So simple it's almost not
It's never what you fail to remember 
Its what you've always forgot

I'm thinking but I don't tell you
It's always you I'm thinking of 
Working backwards from the beginning
Over analyzing everything
Everything over truth
You never say the words
But I imagine them anyway
Write them in my mind
Even when I know
My imagination will kill
My heart in the end

Master of words
Cant get my head straight
Wish I could close this chapter
Never look back again
If I burn the entire book 
I erase everything that 
Was ever me and you
Is that a sacrifice I'm willing to take
Let's start the fire 
And maybe I'll find out