You Made Me Breathless (but then again, a lot of things did)

It's feels rather strange 
To breathe again
Or at least to breathe 
A little bit better
For the longest time
You had my heart 
And it shouldn't seem like it
But it makes it defiantly harder

When you're here
Regardless of whether 
You're here for me
Or for the someone else 
You're waiting for
I can't think straight
The lack of oxygen
Makes it hard to see
Hard to get my head on straight
Makes it hard to breathe

When I step away
It doesn't get any better 
But when I think about you
It only gets worse
You're not right for me
But my heart begs to differ
When will I ever learn

I'm inflicted
I'm blind and suffocating 
Reaching for you 
Needing cause you're intoxicating
Got me over dosed 
I need a ventilator 
I can't breathe
But being without you 
Isn't any better
♠ ♠ ♠
A poem in which I relate my asthma to a way a someone nce made me feel. A little iffy, but it helped:)