Bulging limbs, seam-splitting legs
That look like cottage cheese I'll save for a midnight snack.
Thunder thighs- thunder as in
The noise resonating off walls
From the collasol smash of a heavy-set step.

Hips spilling out of my jeans like
Water spilling out of the tub.
My lover would gag at these "love handles"
(mine, bigger than handles, are more like the whole door/house/planet)
And try to mop up this monstrosity from the floor.

Long, tree branch nose and fat lower lip,
Staring me down in the mirror while the
Two chins mock me like tweedle-dee and -dum,
Behind the bat shit on my eyelashes and
Plastic skin on my face with black coal for eyes, I am maskless.

Curved in shoulders and cozied up rib cage
Wrapped precariously in a blanket of fat
From a handful of popcorn (more like four), bag of chips
And a snack cake for lunch, two slices of pizza (tastes like grease and not much else)
And more popcorn.

How will I ever get through this?